Sunday, January 16, 2005

Go Steelers go!

It was "Two miracles in two minutes" at Heinz Field on Saturday. If you missed the game, Pittsburgh had every chance to lose the game, and I really think they were working for it. Game tied 17-17, the Jets marched down field and lined up for a field goal with 2 minutes left. Boom goes the kick..........CLANG! The ball bounces off the crossbar. No goal.

Pittsburgh takes over the ball and promptly throws an interception on the next play. The Jets have the ball in perfect field position to win the game. With two seconds left on the game clock they line up for another field goal. Boom goes the kick...........MISS! The ball sailed wide left. Thousands of Steelers fans worldwide yell out simultaneously. Ironically, the game started with the "world's largest terrible towel wave". Instead, they got the world's largest sigh of relief and cry of joy.

In overtime, the Jets win the coin toss. They end up doing nothing with the ball and punt. The Steelers are able to take the ball, march down field, and kick the winning field goal.

This was definitely a game that the Steelers had lost, but amazingly they won. Up next? The AFC Championship game here in Pittsburgh against the New England Patriots. This is a rematch of the Halloween game that I attended with Heather's dad earlier this year. All I can say is "Go Steelers!"

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