Friday, August 20, 2004

Where have I been?

Well, now that the bar is finished, I haven't really been anywhere. I'm trying to avoid the computer for long periods of time so that my neck and back can heal up. They both get really bad when I'm sitting at my desk all day. Instead, I've been running errands and doing work around the house. This week, I installed a shelf in our kitchen (which desparately needed it), and a set of bookshelves in my "office". There's some touch-up work I'd like to get done in the kitchen before I handle anything else. Heather's considering having me repaint the entire bathroom which I wouldn't mind doing, it would just take a while.
I am still looking for jobs, sending out my resumes to firms as postings become available and trying to network with people in the legal industry. A lot of employers won't look at you until they are assured that you've passed the bar though. I won't find that out until October so, until then, it's a big waiting game.
There are two other things I've been keeping busy with. The first is cooking dinner. Since Heather is working and I'm at home, there's no reason for her to have to cook when she comes home. So we've been going through some of our cookbooks specifically looking for recipes which take a long time to make. Since I have several hours to prepare food (without it being served at 9 or 10 PM) I've really enjoyed it.
The other big thing I've been keeping busy with is my new position with Theta Tau. I've already helped in several ways, and I'm planning on visiting some chapters this fall, probably both in New York.
Finally, the Olympics takes up a decent amount of my time. I've been watching these games much more than I watched the games in Sydney. The time differences are annoying, as well as NBC's coverage of the games, but since I'm usually up until the wee hours of the morning anyway, I frequently get to see events "live" at 2 AM.
So, that's what's been keeping me busy as of late. I'm still here!

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