Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Here we go Steelers, here we go!

Our 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers tickets have finally arrived, and we got some pretty good games. Game tickets are made available to non-season ticket holders who are on the season ticket waiting list (estimated to be about 10 years long). Heather and I put our names on the list in 2002.

Each year, you are given an opportunity to go to two games through a lottery type system. You rank the games you want to go to and hope for the best. Last year, we ranked Steelers v. Browns as our top pick. We got the game, but to go with it, we also got some pre-season tickets. Nobody wants pre-season tickets! I wanted to go to the game, but Heather was going out of town for work. We tried selling them. No takers. We tried finding someone to go with me for free. No takers! Finally, Heather sent an email out to her office and finally found someone whose brother loves the Steelers, but can never afford the tickets. We gave him the tickets and he had a great time. However, we were out $100 for the two tickets, and were determined to not lost our money again.

I am of the opinion that if you get a "top game" like the Browns or the Ravens then you get a stinker of a game to go along with it, so this year I wasn't hoping for much. We avoided all of the pre-season games in our lottery choices, as well as the game after Thanksgiving, the game after Christmas, and an additional game in December, mainly because we didn't know if we would be in town for those games. That left five other games. We got our top pick again this year though, Pittsburgh v. Patriots on October 31, as well as our third pick, Pittsburgh v. Raiders on September 12. Both should be good games, and hopefully, Pittsburgh will be much better this year than last year!

I'm especially excited about the games this year as Heather's dad may be able to go to one of the games. He is a big Steelers fan, having grown up in Steubenville, Ohio, just 45 minutes away. However, he lives in North Carolina and has never had the chance to go to a game. We're going to let him pick which game he'd like to go to and I'll accompany him to the game. I'm looking forward to it!
Talk to you later!

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