Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bridge work to reroute South Hills transit

When the Pittsburgh LRT (known locally as the "T") was closed for recent repairs to the South Hills Tunnel, I noticed that they were doing additional work on the bridge over Highway 51. It didn't appear to be a part of the original project, but it looks now like they were evaluating the bridge's condition.

It appears (like many of Pennsylvania's other bridges) that the bridge is in very poor condition. As such, it will be closed for nine months, beginning in March for repairs. It's actually noticable when you're riding the "T" as the condition of the rails goes from very smooth to very rough in the matter of seconds near the Dawn station.

As a commuter on the "T", I take this route to work every day. We'll be inconvenienced by about 10 minutes per trip; instead of going north to work, we'll go south and move to the Overbrook line. But even with this inconvenience, I'm glad that they are addressing the situation. It show's the Port Authority's support for the LRT system going into the future.

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