Thursday, March 24, 2005

Receive updates by email

I installed a new mechanism that can allow you to receive updates by email whenever I change my blog. It's called "ChangeDetection". I use the service myself to keep track of various websites.

In the box on the right, under the Archives section, there's a place to input your email address. You'll be taken to a different screen to confirm your enrollment for this particular page. Click next. You'll need to confirm your email address to make sure that others don't sign up on your behalf. Then, it's done. You'll get an email when I update my blog.

The emails look like this:
Note: Do not reply to this email!
This message was automatically generated by,
your page change monitoring service. To UNSUBSCRIBE, or for
assistance see the information at the very end of this email. Thanks!


At your request we have been monitoring the following page for

A change was detected at:

Thu Mar 24 02:19:26 PST 2005

To be directed to the page, click (or double-click) here:

If you wish to monitor another web page for changes, use this link:

Thanks for using!

- The Team

Note: if the above links do not work, try the alternate links
at the very very end of this email.

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