Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Bar Exam is over!

It's done! I just finished the Pennsylvania bar exam. If you're not familiar with the bar exam, in Pennsylvania it's a two day exam, half multiple choice and half essays. The first day is six essays and a "performance test" over six hours. The second day is a 200-question multiple choice exam concentrating on Contracts, Criminal, Constitutional, Property, Torts, and Evidence. On the essay exams you have to learn to spot issues and argue both sides to a particular topic. The multiple choice is the opposite, where you have to spot minutiae and apply it conclusively to determine the outcome. It's kindof a "both sides of the brain" affair if you ask me, and it is extremely tiring. My classmates and I have been studying for the last two months for the exam. However, I think waiting is the worst part as we won't find out the results until mid-October!

Anyway, I feel like sleeping for a week...

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